TRACKS Indigenous Services is an Australian Indigenous-owned and operated business providing services to companies and projects in areas of workforce, procurement, consulting and contracting.

Based in Parap in the Northern Territory and operating nationally, TRACKS offers a 360-degree service to businesses where projects and/or operations must have a successful collaboration with the Indigenous communities, people and environments.

We’re experts in our field. Our team holds between us a broad range of expertise in human resources and recruitment, engineering and project management, construction and trades, tendering, social and community work, mentoring, facilitating, consulting, and of course experience at both a personal and professional level operating within the complex social, cultural and political environments challenging Indigenous Australia.

We are skilled and committed to providing our clients with the necessary support to overcome any obstacles in the process of Indigenous engagement, and we are dedicated to seeing success for all parties involved.


TRACKS, which is an acronym for Training and Recruiting: giving Aboriginal Careers a Kick Start, originated as an Indigenous Employment Program under the Celotti Workforce brand; providing quality employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians through targeted sourcing and training activities.

Demand for TRACKS’ services grew rapidly in the Northern Territory and beyond, and we quickly recognised that our clients would benefit greatly from a broader service offering. So, with a strong focus on meeting industry demand, TRACKS separated from the Celotti brand and in November 2018, TRACKS Indigenous Services Pty Ltd was launched. TRACKS now very proudly offers a full 360-degree service meeting our clients’ needs in areas of workforce, procurement, contracting and general consulting.

Our Company Vision

We see an Australia where there is NO GAP. Where diversity is valued. Where there is equal opportunity for every Australian.

Our Mission Statement

Through provision of our workforce, procurement, consulting and contracting services, we are encouraging and enabling positive working partnerships between Indigenous Australian individuals and enterprises, and Australian industry. We are creating new opportunities for Indigenous people to participate in the Australian workforce, leading to the advancement of our Indigenous population overall and working towards closing the gap.



  • Partner with and be recognised as, a company that values and models diversity and equality.

  • Make a difference to the broader Indigenous community; economically, culturally and socially.

  • Make a positive contribution to your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  • Through your CSR efforts, build your reputation as an employer of choice, assisting you to retain your high-performing staff and attracting other equally valuable staff to your organisation.

  • Be a leader. Build a reputation as an ethically conscious company making a positive difference in the world, and encourage your clients and partners to do and be the same.

  • Introduce new skills and knowledge into your organisation; ranging from a connection and knowledge of country, to physical skills and of course, exposure to new networking opportunities.

  • Qualify for government funding by employing an Indigenous employee, apprentice or trainee.

  • Confidently meet contractual requirements for your project.