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TRACKS provides specific consulting in areas including but not limited to:

  • Formation of Indigenous Engagement Strategies; assisting businesses and projects (industry) to develop successful and sustainable working relationships with Indigenous individuals, businesses, groups and communities.

  • Assisting organisations and projects to meet requirements of Indigenous Development Plans (IDPs).

  • Stakeholder engagement at the early (pre-tender) stages of a project.

  • Community engagement at the early (pre-tender) stages of a project, which can include skills gap analysis, business capability gap analysis, training/upskilling of local workforce and building of local business capability.

  • Workforce Planning.

  • Training planning and work-ready programs.

  • Training facilitation incl. pre-employment (literacy, numeracy, workplace culture and expectation), cultural awareness, cross-cultural communication, Indigenous engagement strategies, mentoring/strategies for managing an Indigenous workforce, plus a range of skills courses, tickets and qualifications.

  • Providing support and guidance to existing and new Indigenous businesses, to align with industry demand.

  • Cultural heritage/environment

  • Navigating funding options available for businesses engaging Indigenous workers.



We aim to match candidate skills and desires with meaningful, rewarding, satisfying job opportunities for the purpose of long-term workforce participation.

TRACKS is building strong bonds with local Traditional Owners and communities throughout metropolitan, regional and remote Australia. We actively recruit and train within communities, and employ locally wherever possible.

Our workforce services include:

  • Recruitment, selection and permanent placement services

  • Casual/temporary labour-hire staff

  • Payrolling services

  • Provision of complete managed workforces for specific projects such as construction or planned maintenance shut-downs

  • HR / IR consulting, services and advice (tailored to be culturally sensitive as appropriate)

  • Workforce planning

  • Skills gap analysis

  • Mobility services (intrastate, interstate and international)

  • Training and inductions

TRACKS develops tailored and targeted training programs that lead to tangible jobs, not just training for the sake of training. Our programs support career progression and long-term employment participation.

We offer:

  • Pre-employment programs

  • upskilling and cross-skilling courses, qualifications and tickets

  • Traineeships and apprenticeships

  • Facilitated workshops on topics such as Cultural Awareness

Our mentoring services which support continued employment participation include:

  • dedicated and ongoing support for employers;

  • coaching and strategies for managers on how to get the best from an Indigenous workforce; and

  • mentoring and support for Indigenous employees (whether placed through TRACKS or employed direct by client).



Through our strong network of Indigenous businesses and complimentary service providers, TRACKS is able to procure a range of services, materials, plant and equipment for projects and long-term operations.

Our success in this area comes from a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements and our broad network of Indigenous service providers. After a thorough consultation with our client, discussing needs and expectations, we reach out to our network of Indigenous businesses and independent contractors to source suitably capable service providers to meet our client’s needs.

We source a range of products and services including but certainly not limited to :

  • materials

  • plant and equipment

  • office and site consumables

  • Personal Protective Equipment and uniforms

  • sub-contractor trades and services

  • professional services

  • consultants, eg. environmental monitoring

  • anything else your business or project requires - just ask us.

Supporting the growth of Indigenous Business Enterprises (IBEs)

We’re passionate about building business capability and true to our ‘Australians working together’ philosophy, we recognise and appreciate the strength in having a group of Indigenous service providers working collaboratively together.

We are committed to developing Indigenous Business Capability. We can assist our fellow Indigenous Businesses to increase capability in order to meet requirements and participate in the provision of services to our clients. We also provide guidance and support to new/start-up enterprises.



TRACKS has the capacity both through our in-house expertise and that of our valued partners to undertake a wide range of end-to-end contracting services to the mining, oil and gas, civil and general construction industries Australia wide. Including but by no means limited to:

Civil Construction

  • Wet hire – skilled operators

  • Dry hire – access to a large range of heavy machinery

  • Bulk and detailed earthworks

  • Pipelines, drainage structures and culvert works

  • Underground services installation

  • Concrete pit construction and repairs

  • Retaining walls

General Construction / Maintenance

  • Small building projects

  • General Building repairs & maintenance

  • Landscaping and garden maintenance

  • Cleaning

  • Painting


  • Installation and repairs

Shut downs

  • Provision of supervision and complete teams for mining, oil & gas, power generation


  • Haulage – general, plant, water & gravel

  • Small deliveries, remote and local